Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Download from Sockshare and Putlocker

Entering text/variables in the address bar is a fast way for getting places. Playing around on the site mentioned in the title, I found a way for downloading video. Obviously, this will only last until they implement a fix. I shall update this post if/when they do so.

It works on Putlocker, though. Both sites seem like exact copies.

What you do NOT need:
  • Browser plugins
  • HTML knowledge
  • Pay $5.99 for a month's subscription to watch funny videos
I was going to post pictures of the steps but I actually read their copyright notice. Sheesh. I have to type some more. But whatever is on the address bar I will post. That is not a graphic that they own :)
  1. Method of Access: Continue as Free User
  2. When the video player appears: right-click outside of the player.
    1. Click View Page source or similar.
  3. On the page source: Press CTRL + F (control and "F" key) to open the Search dialog.
  4. You need to find get_file.php?stream=XXXXXX. Copy everything on that line that is between single quotes.
  5. Back on the address bar:
    1. after the .com/ paste what is on your clipboard from step 4.
    • So now you have ... .com/get_file.php?stream=XXXXXX . Press enter.
  6. That modified URL takes you to a video podcast (RSS).
    1. Click on the link xxxx ( video).
  7. Proceed to download
One more thing. Happy learning.

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