Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Download from Sockshare and Putlocker

Entering text/variables in the address bar is a fast way for getting places. Playing around on the site mentioned in the title, I found a way for downloading video. Obviously, this will only last until they implement a fix. I shall update this post if/when they do so.

It works on Putlocker, though. Both sites seem like exact copies.

What you do NOT need:
  • Browser plugins
  • HTML knowledge
  • Pay $5.99 for a month's subscription to watch funny videos
I was going to post pictures of the steps but I actually read their copyright notice. Sheesh. I have to type some more. But whatever is on the address bar I will post. That is not a graphic that they own :)
  1. Method of Access: Continue as Free User
  2. When the video player appears: right-click outside of the player.
    1. Click View Page source or similar.
  3. On the page source: Press CTRL + F (control and "F" key) to open the Search dialog.
  4. You need to find get_file.php?stream=XXXXXX. Copy everything on that line that is between single quotes.
  5. Back on the address bar:
    1. after the .com/ paste what is on your clipboard from step 4.
    • So now you have ... .com/get_file.php?stream=XXXXXX . Press enter.
  6. That modified URL takes you to a video podcast (RSS).
    1. Click on the link xxxx ( video).
  7. Proceed to download
One more thing. Happy learning.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Adopting Linux

Not everybody makes the move to Linux in the first try. At least I didn't. I first tried back in version 7.04 of Ubuntu. Had to go back to MS WIN. Then 10.04 came along and I am using that version up to this day (June 2011).

Some history

During my middle-school years in Honduras I signed up for a computer course. The basics were taught there. Formatting a floppy, creating files and folders, word-processor use, printing. I took an aptitude test and I scored high on computer-related fields.

Then came High-School. Things were different there. We had programming, network design and analysis, and informatics classes. FoxPro and Visual FoxPro were used in the first year. On the second year we switched to Visual Basic 6.0; did some database driven application with Crystal Reports integrated.

On that second year I came to the US for vacation/work for a month. Bought my first computer. An eMachines w/ 120GB HDD, Athlon XP processor. My brother-in-law said that it was the best he had seen in the region so far. Anyway, I was allowed to take home my computer lab floppy. I was always ahead on the VB 6 project. Back in school I assisted my classmates with their program. The debugging I did at home helped us all, even the professor had a little more room to breathe.

I used to take my PC to school for presentations when the lab was in use. Even our graduation's slide show and music were played on that old computer. I still have that case at home. I re-purposed it with another motherboard since the original one fried when I tried to boot Linux from a separate hard drive. Hardware is not my forte.

After graduating from Instituto Pedagógico Manuel Antonio Santos - in Juticalpa, Olancho (Honduras)- I moved to Miami. Supposedly to start college. I kept procrastinating and to this day (5 years later) I have yet to enroll.

The switch

I have moved on from desktop application programming as a hobby to web development. I have successfully made the switch from Mocosoft Windose to Ubuntu (Debian based). I am not much of a game enthusiast so portability is not an issue. Although I could use WINE or some other commercial alternative to run .exe's on Ubuntu. Here's what I use on a daily basis when the need arises:
Music Rhythmbox
Word-processor Writer
Spreadsheet Spreadsheet
Web browsing Firefox
FTP client Filezilla
Email client Evolution
Simple text editor gedit
Video playback VLC
PHP, HTML coding Quanta Plus, Aptana
Web server Apache

All this using FOSS – Free Open Source Software. Give Linux a try. I chose Ubuntu because it seemed easy to use. I have my eye on Fedora Core 14, seems to be well maintained. Perhaps one day I will contribute a few lines myself.