Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sync files between Android and computer over WiFi

In a previous post I covered on how to sync files using USB cable and MTP. On this instalment I will tell you how to do it over WiFi.

Note/warning: try with some test files first. Once comfortable enough you may use with real/production folders/files. Use at your own risk. Consider backing up important files.

On computer:
  • Allow sharing of folder to sync
  • Make sure you are using a password to log in (security)
On Android device:
  • Enable WiFi
  •  Install SyncMe

Open up the mobile app and tap "Add computer" then "computer name". Device will search for available hosts.
Select the one where your share is, say "targetPC"
Enter username and password (if any).
Select OK
Tap on the  "targetPC" then on "Add sync folder"
Set values for the top settings in red (device folder and computer folder).
You may carefully consider the "Copy to" setting. The first time you copy to mobile device select "copy to device only". I did not want to risk erasing what I have on the computer. Options are self-explanatory.
Select OK at the bottom.
Tap on the  "targetPC" then on "Run job"

Wait for synchronization to finish. Verify results.

Extra tip: advanced users may use NAT and sync over the internet.

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