This web log is for those whom, like myself, have a tinkering mind. For those who like to fiddle with things even if they are not broken.

I used to have MS Windows on my desktop. I suffered a fake anti-virus install. I panicked so I made a backup of my pictures and videos, VB projects, documents, etc. Reverted to factory settings.

Visual Basic got me started in programming during High School; some FoxPro (not the best I've seen). I did some VB6 + Ms Access + Crystal Reports projects. I was always ahead of the class (tech classes). One of the things I was not taught was web development. It would have been nice to have a teacher.

I figured that since most web servers use Linux I would try the distro that is the talk of the moment. I created a backup of my files again (externally), installed Ubuntu 7.04 alongside Windows. That same day I created a script for downloading videos from YouTube ("get_video?id= blah blah) which had just been acquired by Google.

After that, I wanted to learn C++ but creating symlinks and building libraries, compiling and all that good-stuff was new to me. I stopped booting into Ubuntu Feisty Fawn.

It was at my last attempt at adopting Linux as my only operating system that I never looked back. The only place I use Winblows is at work (go figure).

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